In this section, we try to answer as clearly as possible the questions we have been asked.


What is the difference between photovoltaic and thermal solar energy?

The photovoltaic transforms the sunbeams into continuous electricity while the thermal absorbs the heat of solar radiation to transmit it to a fluid (e.g. to heat water). The usefulness of these two technologies is complementary because the first one lights us while the second heats our water.

How to know what is my average consumption in electricity and which photovoltaic surface is necessary to cover it?

The average consumption of a Swiss household of 4 persons is 3'500 kWh, which corresponds to approximately 25 m2. It can obviously vary strongly according to lifestyle. The best way of knowing it is to look at your SIG invoice by means of this link: http://www.mieuxvivresig.ch/popup4.lbl?html=facture%20consommation%202&true 

How to know if my roof is exploitable from a solar point of view?

In a general way, shaded areas are to be avoided and a good orientation of the roof is necessary.

What are the yields of photovoltaic energy?

You can expect a yearly production of between 150 to 160 kWh per m2 for a surface well exposed to the sun.

What is the life expectancy of a photovoltaic plant?

A photovoltaic plant lasts between 30 and 40 years.

Can my installation be recycled at the end of ifs life? 

Yes, in order to make this possible, Yellowprint only works with manufacturers of photovoltaic panels that are part of a recycling network.

How long is needed to make my investment profitable?

Between 12 and 18 years according to the size of the photovoltaic power plant, and without taking into account potential tax savings.

Can I benefit from a tax deduction by installing a photovoltaic power plant?

Yes, any power plant located on your roof can be entirely deducted from your taxes, both at the cantonal and the federal level. It is sufficient to register the expenses incurred in your tax declaration, as one does for the maintenance of the house.

Who repurchases my energy and do I need to register?

The SIG buys back our energy over 25 years, thus substituting itself for the federal body " Swissgrid " which is in the process of capitalization. The registration is not automatic but Yellowprint takes care of it for you.

What is the average duration of a photovoltaic project?

This varies according to the size and the complexity of the photovoltaic power plant, but it is anyway necessary to plan for at least 3 months (study, authorizations, construction site).

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