Our principles

Minimize our impact on the environment 

To be, on a daily basis, in sync with its values and the conservation of the planet, Yellowprint restricts to the utmost its impact on the environment (sorting of waste, economy of paper and electricity, hosting of its web site with solar energy). 

Soft mobility

During its business travels, Yellowprint makes a commitment to use only ecological means of transportation such as cycling, public transportation or car pooling. It also encourages its employees and its close relations to use soft mobility for their private trips. 

Information and sharing 

In order to advance the environmental cause, Yellowprint gladly participates in public information sessions (eg. ”Journées du Soleil”) and by intervening in schools 

Proximity and transparency 

The choice of its partners is also a question that is not left to chance by Yellowprint. These need to be close geographically but also in their ethics and their concern of the environment. Usually, the company collaborates with its own network of providers but it is completely open to work with other companies.