Every request being specific, the possibilities of support that Yellowprint can bring you are numerous. Scenarios below are only an outline of the accompaniment which we can propose to you.

Management of the power plant after installation

A well-maintained photovoltaic power plant can work for more than 30 years! Yellowprint takes care of installations after their commissioning by ensuring the maintenance, the handling of administrative issues, the coordination between the diverse interlocutors and all the actions necessary for the smooth running of the installation.

Exploiting your own roof

You own a roof and wish to put it at the disposal of a photovoltaic project in exchange for remuneration? Yellowprint takes care of installing photovoltaic panels on it and ensuring the smooth running of the installation with its reliable partners.


You wish to participate in a large-scale photovoltaic project or simply to invest in a joint ownership? Yellowprint advises you and finds projects adapted to your desires. 

Exploit the photovoltaic potential of your collective roof!

Yellowprint Sàrl is the ideal partner to support you throughout your project. This type of realization requires the agreement of several persons, hence it is necessary to opt for a neutral project manager who can meet the needs and the expectations of each and act as mediator when necessary. It is also possible to delegate to us the distribution of the energy produced according to the investment of each as well as to attribute to us the maintenance of the installation after realization.

You do not possess an exploitable roof?

We have a solution which allows you to become a producer and a consumer of your own photovoltaic energy. Please click this link for more information.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss in more detail your specific case and the support that we can certainly bring you.